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Throughout the assault on the Capitol, the Secret Service had spirited Mike Pence away to a Senator’s “hideaway” workplace simply off the US Senate flooring. (Extra on “hideaways” in a … Solely eight days after a lethal terrorist assault on the US Capitol constructing by Trump supporters incited by the “election fraud” lies and offended rhetoric of Donald Trump, his prime advisers, … It’s 2021, the coup is over (for now), Trump has been impeached, Biden shall be sworn in subsequent Wednesday, so the place does the nation go from right here? Will the coup embolden the far-right? … 147 members of Congress objected to the certification of the Electoral Vote, fueling the anger and hysteria of Trump supporters who launched a violent terrorist assault on the US Capitol … The San Francisco Giants, New Steadiness Athletics, Charles Schwab, Chevron, and ConocoPhillips. These are however a handful of US corporations that, both instantly or by their staff, … In immediately’s present, the apparent matter is the continued fallout, and safety issues, following Donald Trump’s tried violent coup final Wednesday. We focus on the continued …

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