Noun 1. enterprise – a industrial or industrial enterprise and the individuals who represent it; “he purchased his brother’s enterprise”; “a small mom-and-pop enterprise”; “a racially built-in enterprise concern”enterprise – a company created for enterprise ventures; “a rising enterprise will need to have a daring chief”company – a enterprise that serves different businessesbrokerage – the enterprise of a dealer; expenses a payment to rearrange a contract between two partieschain – (enterprise) quite a few related institutions (shops or eating places or banks or lodges or theaters) beneath one ownershipbusiness agency, agency, home – the members of a enterprise group that owns or operates a number of institutions; “he labored for a brokerage home”dealership, franchise – a enterprise established or operated beneath an authorization to promote or distribute an organization’s items or companies in a specific areapartnership – the members of a enterprise enterprise created by contractprocessor – a enterprise engaged in processing agricultural merchandise and getting ready them for marketdivision – an administrative unit in authorities or enterprise 2. enterprise – the exercise of offering items and companies involving monetary and industrial and industrial features; “computer systems are actually broadly utilized in enterprise”tourism, touristry – the enterprise of offering companies to vacationers; “Tourism is a serious enterprise in Bermuda”operation – the exercise of working one thing (a machine or enterprise and many others.); “her clean operation of the automobile gave us a surprisingly snug experience”fishing – the occupation of catching fish for a livingstorage – the industrial enterprise of storing items and materialsmanufacture, business – the organized motion of creating of products and companies on the market; “American business is making elevated use of computer systems to manage manufacturing”enterprise – the amount of business exercise; “enterprise is nice as we speak”; “present me the place the enterprise was as we speak”market, market, market place – the world of business exercise the place items and companies are purchased and offered; “with out competitors there could be no market”; “they have been pushed from {the marketplace}”finance – the industrial exercise of offering funds and capitalprinting – the enterprise of manufacturing printed materials on the market or distributionpackaging – the enterprise of packing; “his enterprise is packaging for transport”constructing, building – the industrial exercise concerned in repairing previous constructions or developing new ones; “their most important enterprise is residence building”; “employees within the constructing trades”enterprise – a industrial enterprise that dangers a loss however guarantees a profitadministration, disposal – a way of tending to or managing the affairs of a some group of individuals (particularly the group’s enterprise affairs)institution – a public or personal construction (enterprise or governmental or instructional) together with buildings and gear for enterprise or residencecinema, movie, celluloid – a medium that disseminates shifting footage; “theater items transferred to celluloid”; “this story could be good cinema”; “movie protection of sporting occasions”chain – (enterprise) quite a few related institutions (shops or eating places or banks or lodges or theaters) beneath one ownershipcapitalist – an individual who invests capital in a enterprise (particularly a big enterprise)copartner – a joint associate (as in a enterprise enterprise)participant – an vital participant (as in a enterprise deal); “he was a serious participant in establishing the company”bankroll, roll – a roll of foreign money notes (typically taken because the assets of an individual or enterprise and many others.); “he shot his roll on a bob-tailed nag”doldrums, stagnation, stagnancy – a state of inactivity (in enterprise or artwork and many others); “financial progress of lower than 1% per 12 months is taken into account to be financial stagnation” 3. enterprise – the principal exercise in your life that you just do to earn cash; “he isn’t in my line of enterprise”exercise – any particular habits; “they prevented all leisure exercise”sport – the occupation of athletes who compete for payfarming, land – agriculture thought of as an occupation or lifestyle; “farming is a strenuous life”; “there is no work on the land any extra”biz, recreation – your occupation or line of labor; “he is within the plumbing recreation”; “she’s in present biz”employment, work – the occupation for which you might be paid; “he’s in search of employment”; “lots of people are out of labor”appointment – the job to which you might be (or hope to be) appointed; “he utilized for an appointment within the treasury”craft, commerce – the expert observe of a sensible occupation; “he realized his commerce as an apprentice”career – an occupation requiring particular training (particularly within the liberal arts or sciences)metier, medium – an occupation for which you might be particularly properly suited; “in legislation he discovered his true metier”accountancy, accounting – the occupation of sustaining and auditing information and getting ready monetary reviews for a businessphotography – the occupation of taking and printing images or making films 4. enterprise – a rightful concern or duty; “it is none of your small business”; “thoughts your individual enterprise”headache, fear, vexation, concern – one thing or somebody that causes nervousness; a supply of unhappiness; “New York site visitors is a continuing concern”; “it is a main fear” 5. enterprise – a direct goal; “gossip was the principle enterprise of the night”goal, goal, object, goal – the aim supposed to be attained (and which is believed to be attainable); “the only real object of her journey was to see her kids”events – one thing you must do; “he minded his personal specialised events” 6. enterprise – the amount of business exercise; “enterprise is nice as we speak”; “present me the place the enterprise was as we speak”commerce, patronage – the enterprise given to a industrial institution by its prospects; “even earlier than midday there was a substantial patronage” 7. enterprise – enterprise considerations collectively; “Authorities and enterprise couldn’t agree”sector – a social group that types a part of the society or the financial system; “the general public sector”massive enterprise – industrial enterprises organized and financed on a scale giant sufficient to affect social and political insurance policies; “massive enterprise is rising so highly effective it’s tough to control it successfully” 8. enterprise – prospects collectively; “they’ve an higher class clientele”folks – (plural) any group of human beings (males or ladies or kids) collectively; “previous folks”; “there have been at the least 200 folks within the viewers” 9. enterprise – incidental exercise carried out by an actor for dramatic impact; “his enterprise with the cane was hilarious”schtick, schtik, shtick, shtik – (Yiddish) a contrived and sometimes used little bit of enterprise {that a} performer makes use of to steal consideration; “play it straight with no shtik”

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