Definition of BUSINESS

busi·​ness | ˈbiz-nəs , -nəz, Southern additionally ˈbid- 1a : a normally industrial or mercantile exercise engaged in as a method of livelihood : commerce, line within the restaurant enterprise

b : a industrial or typically an industrial enterprise additionally : such enterprises the enterprise district

c : dealings or transactions particularly of an financial nature : patronage took their enterprise elsewhere 2a : position, perform how the human thoughts went about its enterprise of studying— H. A. Overstreet

c : a selected discipline of endeavor the very best within the enterprise

3 : affair, matter the entire enterprise received out of hand enterprise as ordinary

4a : private concern none of your small business

b : proper you don’t have any enterprise talking to me that means

5a : severe exercise requiring effort and time and normally the avoidance of distractions received right down to enterprise

b : most effort

7 : motion or motion (akin to lighting a cigarette) by an actor supposed particularly to ascertain ambiance, reveal character, or clarify a scenario

— known as additionally stage enterprise

9 : a bowel motion —used particularly of pets

10 archaic : purposeful exercise : busyness

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