Definition of enterprise

a commerce or occupation

an industrial, business, or skilled operation; buy and sale of products and servicesthe tailoring enterprise

a business or industrial institution, akin to a agency or manufacturing facility

business exercise; dealings (esp within the phrase do enterprise)

quantity or amount of economic activitybusiness is poor right this moment

business coverage or procedureovercharging is unhealthy enterprise

correct or rightful concern or duty (typically within the phrase thoughts one’s personal enterprise)

a particular activity; task

a matter or issues to be attended tothe enterprise of the assembly

an affair; mattera queer enterprise; I am bored with the entire enterprise

severe work or activityget right down to enterprise

an advanced affair; rigmarole

casual a vaguely outlined assortment or areajets, quick vehicles, and all that enterprise

Additionally referred to as: stage enterprise theatre an incidental motion, akin to lighting a pipe, carried out by an actor for dramatic impact

a gaggle of ferrets

euphemistic defecation (esp within the phrase do one’s enterprise)

slang prostitution

like no person’s enterprise casual extraordinarily effectively or quick

imply enterprise to be in earnest

do the enterprise casual to attain what’s requiredit tastes vile, nevertheless it does the enterprise


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