Definition of TRUMP

ˈtrəmp 1a : a card of a swimsuit any of whose playing cards will win over a card that isn’t of this swimsuit

— known as additionally trump card

b : the swimsuit whose playing cards are trumps for a specific hand —usually utilized in plural 2 : a decisive overriding issue or last useful resource

— known as additionally trump card

3 : a reliable and exemplary individual

trumped; trumping; trumps

transitive verb

1 : to get the higher of : override the place ambition invariably trumps loyalty— Michael Kramer

2 : to play a trump on (a card or trick) when one other swimsuit was led

2 : a sound of or as if of trumpeting the trump of doom ˈtrəmp

Donald J(ohn) 1946–     American businessman and politician; forty fifth president of the U.S. (2017–  )


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