You might be an aristocrat of the aristocrats, I a democrat of the democrats.Tamoszius had tried to clarify to Jurgis what it was all about, however Jurgis, who was not of an imaginative flip, had by no means quire bought it straight; at current he was content material along with his companion’s rationalization that the Socialists had been the enemies of American institutions–could not be purchased, and wouldn’t mix or make any kind of a “dicker.” Mike Scully was very a lot apprehensive over the chance which his final deal gave to them–the stockyards Democrats had been livid on the thought of a wealthy capitalist for his or her candidate, and whereas they had been altering they may probably conclude {that a} Socialist firebrand was preferable to a Republican bum.You pompously name yourselves Republicans and Democrats. There is no such thing as a Republican Get together.Oligarchs and democrats go unsuitable of their conception of the nice.Born democrats, we’re nowise certified to guage of monarchy, which, to our fathers residing within the monarchical thought, was additionally comparatively proper.The tarantulas are the Socialists and Democrats. This discourse affords us an evaluation of their psychological angle.“ The nationwide conference ‘— hum, hum—’ unlucky Louis’—hum, hum—’instance of your Washington’—a really smart man, I declare, and none of your loopy democrats. Hum, hum—’our gallant navy’—hum, hum—’underneath our most glorious monarch’—ay, a very good man sufficient, that King George, however dangerous advisers: hum, hum—’I encourage to conclude with assurances of my good respect.’—hum, hum—’Andrew Holt.The Democrats take the workplaces, as a normal rule, as a result of they want them, and since the observe of a few years has made it the regulation of political warfare, which except a special system be proclaimed, it was weak point and cowardice to murmur at.On the shut of the sport the six Republican members had been bankrupt and the one Democrat had all the cash.Tom Willard had a ardour for village politics and for years had been the main Democrat in a strongly Republican neighborhood.Who’s over him, he cries; –aye, he could be a democrat to all above; look, how he lords it over all beneath!1837; (Italy) 1838; The American Democrat, 1838; Homeward Sure, 1838; The Chronicles of Cooperstown, 1838; Dwelling as Discovered (Eve Effingham),

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