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Here is why the Ninja Foodi is the most well-liked equipment

I plugged our Ninja Foodi into an outlet for the primary time simply over two years in the past. In that very same span, I’ve purchased and changed a espresso maker, immersion cooker, and a fridge due to failure or dissatisfaction. The Foodi hasn’t simply survived the kitchen culling over these previous 25 months; it is change into a weekly a part of how our household prepares meals.

The Ninja Foodi claims 10 capabilities in a single, however realistically you’ll use 5 of them on the common:

  • Air-frying
  • Strain cooking
  • Searing
  • Sauteing
  • Steaming

It could possibly additionally dehydrate, broil, bake, make yogurt and sluggish prepare dinner stuff. I’ve used our Foodi for the whole lot however yogurt making (gross… I should purchase yogurt), and it actually does the whole lot their advertising claims.

Above all else, the Foodi excels at air-frying.

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Ninja Foodi air crisp cooking

Our household commonly makes use of a number of of the Foodi’s cooking modes, however I’m shocked the “Air Crisp” button isn’t utterly worn clean by now. French fries, bacon, rooster nuggets, donuts, battered fish, rooster wings, and nearly any frozen bag of appetizers you should buy have all been by our Foodi’s “air crisp” operate a number of instances. Why? As a result of the whole lot seems constantly scrumptious. The one actual “failure” we’ve skilled is fried mozzarella sticks, and regardless of them leaking and deforming, we nonetheless devoured them… after which cooked extra.

Naturally, french fries are a favourite.

Corey Foster for SFGate

Ninja Foodi tendercrisping

You would fairly contently use a Ninja Foodi just for air frying, however you’ll be lacking out on its finest characteristic: “Tendercrisping.” Tendercrisping combines the stress cooking and air-frying options of the Ninja Foodi to provide a few of the finest meals I’ve ever made, particularly in a single equipment. Sunday morning infomercial hosts on their finest days would nonetheless undersell this characteristic.

Strain cooking the within after which air crisping the outside of many meals is next-level style and texture. Two weeks don’t go in our residence with out us tendercrisping no less than one complete rooster. We additionally use it to make hams, recent rooster wings, carnitas, brussels sprouts, spicy cauliflower heads, meatballs, broccoli, pork loin, and rather more.

However do not underestimate our enthusiasm for hash browns!

Corey Foster for SFGate

Ninja Foodi stress cooking

Evidently, the Foodi can be a wonderful stress cooker, permitting extra versatility over different multi-pressure-cookers just like the Prompt Pot with out lacking any options. Searing meat and sauteing aromatics, then stress cooking to make rooster inventory, chili, gumbo, and different soups works so nicely that we removed our Prompt Pot inside the first few months of proudly owning the Foodi.

The Ninja Foodi genuinely modified the best way our household cooks. Aside from our espresso maker and fridge, it is simply essentially the most used equipment in our kitchen. Heck, many weeks it outworks the espresso maker. If our Ninja Foodi ever fails to energy up or fails to operate, I’ll understand it’s as a result of we labored it to loss of life. I’ll understand it served us nicely and had a full life. And I’ll instantly order a alternative that very second, doubtless paying for expedited delivery.

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