Record of Purple States (Republican States)

By Amber Pariona on March 25 2019 in Politics

Symbols for pink states (left) and blue states (proper).

When a state is known as a “pink state”, it implies that it has historically voted in favor of Republican candidates. The phrases “pink state” and “blue state” have been in acquainted lexicon for the reason that 2000 US presidential election. If a state shouldn’t be a pink state or a blue state, it may be a swing state. 

A map displaying pink states, blue states, and swing states as of the 2016 Election. 

Here’s a listing of the strongest pink states within the nation: 


Alaskan voters historically veer Republican and have voted that approach in all however one election since they first started taking part in presidential elections in 1960. Republican presidential candidates sometimes win with nicely over 50% of the vote. The 2016 was no exception, with the Republican candidate receiving 51.3% of the vote.


Idaho is one other state recognized for having a Republican successful streak. The final 4 presidential elections right here ended with a robust 60% or increased Republican vote. In 2016, Republican assist was slightly below 60%, at 59.3%.


Kansas presently holds 6 electoral votes although as soon as had 10, in the beginning of the twentieth century. This drop is because of a lower in inhabitants (on which electoral votes are primarily based). Within the final 5 elections, the Republican candidate for president has received with at least 54.3% of the vote and as excessive as 62% in 2004.


Nebraska is value 5 electoral votes that traditionally leans strongly Republican. As seen within the earlier states, this assist has dropped from earlier ranges of between 56% and 66%. The 2016 election noticed 58.8% Republican assist in Nebraska.

North Dakota

North Dakota is taken into account a “protected” state for Republicans that means that the social gathering garners sturdy majority assist throughout elections. In 2012, the Republican nominee received by 20% of the vote, 9% in 2008 and over 20% in 2004 and 2000. All of those elections had been received with between 53% and 62.9% reputation.


Oklahoma has exhibited among the strongest Republican assist of any of the beforehand talked about. At present in its twelfth consecutive Republican streak, the final 5 elections have been received with over 60% reputation. Within the 2016 election, the Republican presidential candidate received with 65.3% of the vote.

South Dakota

South Dakota has traditionally voted Republican. All through the previous 5 election cycles, Republican assist in South Dakota sat at at the least 50% assist. In 2016, 61.5% of the inhabitants of South Dakota voted Republican.


Utah has voted Republican within the final 12 election cycles and within the final 4, this has been with over 60% of the vote. 2016 noticed a slight wavering in Republican assist in Utah, at 45.5% of the vote. 27.5% of the state voted Democrat.


Wyoming is the final state on the listing of longest working Republic streaks. In 2016, Wyoming voted 67.4% Republican. That is truly a lower from each the 2012 and the 2008 elections, when Wyoming voted 68.6% Republican and 69% Republican, respectively.

Record of Purple States

Republican Stronghold States
North Dakora
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia
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