The Democrat’s Veterans Disaster

COMMENT: I simply must vent. I exploit to be a Democrat however won’t ever vote for one once more. I’m a Vet and underneath Obama, we had been handled as second-rate residents. Many would die ready for a health care provider. Beneath Trump, he turned the VA the wrong way up. If they can’t see you, they need to pay for outdoor medical doctors to maintain you. He streamlined their paperwork which was outrageous. All these individuals do is hate Trump for every part. They even needed to construct the wall they known as him a racist over that. Now the COVID is again. You aren’t allowed guests anymore. Biden figures we should always have died on the battlefield alone so why ought to we die with household now?


REPLY: I do know your frustration. I’ve a Vietnam Vet pal right here who goes to the VA hospital at St. Pete. You now line up in your automobile to get even the flu vaccine. They instructed him he needed to quartine for 4 days earlier than coming into the hospital for a process. He mentioned the identical factor. Trump reversed the Obama VA disaster, and now the Democrats are disrespecting Vets another time. Apparently, Hitler started exterminating WWI Vets as a result of they had been deemed “ineffective” underneath the identical philosophy — So what have you ever carried out for me these days?

Trump vowed to do extra for the veterans when the Democrats reduce every part they might within the VA and army for social applications. The Veterans Well being Administration scandal of 2014 was a reported sample of negligence within the remedy of the USA army veterans. Obama was confronted by studies of a complete meltdown of the VA by members of his personal social gathering. Even the New York Instances, again then, mentioned Obama “gave in to the stress and carried out the kind of ritual Washington sacrifice…”

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