Thesaurus outcomes for BUSINESS

Thesaurus outcomes for BUSINESS

1 transactions or financial help offered by prospects

  • solely locations which are equal alternative employers will get my enterprise

2 a business or industrial exercise or group

  • many of the native companies belong to the affiliation

3 one thing to be handled

  • we’ve one piece of enterprise remaining for at this time’s assembly

4 the shopping for and promoting of products particularly on a big scale and between completely different locations

  • this bookstore is a spot of enterprise, not a free library, so please do your studying elsewhere

5 the motion for which an individual or factor is specifically fitted or used or for which a factor exists

  • vegetation going concerning the enterprise of photosynthesis present the Earth with a renewable supply of oxygen

6 a area of exercise, data, or affect

  • if you’d like a medical malpractice lawyer, he is the most effective within the enterprise
  • space,
  • enviornment,
  • bailiwick,
  • barony,
  • circle,
  • demesne,
  • division,
  • self-discipline,
  • area,
  • aspect,
  • fief,
  • fiefdom,
  • subject,
  • firmament,
  • entrance,
  • recreation,
  • kingdom,
  • line,
  • precinct,
  • province,
  • realm,
  • specialty,
  • sphere,
  • terrain,
  • stroll
  • ambit,
  • amplitude,
  • breadth,
  • compass,
  • confine,
  • dimension(s),
  • extent,
  • ken,
  • attain,
  • scope,
  • sweep,
  • width

7 a selected process with which an individual or group is charged

  • the interrogators demanded to know what enterprise the suspect had within the restricted space at the moment of evening

8 the act or truth of violating the belief or confidence of one other

  • the worth for giving the drug lord the enterprise was sure loss of life
  • backstabbing,
  • betrayal,
  • disloyalty,
  • double cross,
  • faithlessness,
  • falseness,
  • falsity,
  • infidelity,
  • perfidy,
  • sellout,
  • treachery,
  • treason,
  • two-timing,
  • unfaithfulness

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Continuously Requested Questions About enterprise

How does the noun enterprise differ from different comparable phrases?

Some frequent synonyms of enterprise are calling, employment, métier, occupation, pursuit, and work. Whereas all these phrases imply “a selected sustained exercise engaged in particularly in incomes one’s dwelling,” enterprise suggests exercise in commerce or the administration of cash and affairs.

the enterprise of managing a resort

When is it smart to make use of calling as an alternative of enterprise?

In some conditions, the phrases calling and enterprise are roughly equal. Nonetheless, calling applies to an occupation seen as a vocation or career.

the ministry appeared my true calling

When would employment be substitute for enterprise?

The phrases employment and enterprise can be utilized in comparable contexts, however employment implies work for which one has been engaged and is being paid by an employer.

your employment with this agency is hereby terminated

In what contexts can métier take the place of enterprise?

Though the phrases métier and enterprise have a lot in frequent, métier implies a calling or pursuit for which one believes oneself to be particularly fitted.

appearing was my one and solely métier

When would possibly occupation be a greater match than enterprise?

The phrases occupation and enterprise are synonyms, however do differ in nuance. Particularly, occupation implies work through which one engages repeatedly particularly because of coaching.

his occupation as a skilled auto mechanic

When can pursuit be used as an alternative of enterprise?

Whereas the synonyms pursuit and enterprise are shut in which means, pursuit suggests a commerce, career, or avocation adopted with zeal or regular curiosity.

her household thought-about medication the one correct pursuit

The place would work be an affordable different to enterprise?

The meanings of work and enterprise largely overlap; nevertheless, work might apply to any purposeful exercise whether or not remunerative or not.

her work as a hospital volunteer

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