City Dictionary: republican

City Dictionary: republican

Whereas it’s true that the Republican celebration was the celebration of Lincoln, and {that a} larger share of Republicans voted for the 1964 civil rights invoice than Democrats, modern-day Republicans are very completely different.

In 1964 Democrats from northern states voted nearly unanimously for the civil rights invoice, Democrats from the south voted nearly unanimously in opposition to it. The Democrats who opposed civil rights had been southern conservatives, they might be Republicans as we speak.

Strom Thurmond was a Democrat, he left the Democratic celebration in 1964 particularly as a result of he opposed civil rights for blacks. Charles Pickering, the conservative choose appointed to a federal appeals courtroom by GW Bush throughout a senate recess was a Democrat and switched to the Republican celebration in 1964, particularly as a result of he opposed civil rights for African People. Many Republicans who supported civil rights grew to become Democrats in 1964.

Have a look at a map of former slave states and evaluate it to a map of the 2004 electoral faculty outcomes. Discover a sample? Ohio, Indiana and Iowa modified from free states in 1861 to Republican states in 2004, Maryland and Delaware modified from slave states in 1861 to Democratic states in 2004. Aside from these 5 states, the maps match up precisely.

2004 Electoral School Map:
1861 Slave State Map:

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