What Do Republicans Consider? 15 Issues a Republican Stands For

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A Record of Issues Republicans Consider In

What Do Republicans Consider In?

Do all Republicans imagine the identical issues? In fact not. Hardly ever do members of a single political group agree on all points. Even amongst Republicans, there are variations of opinion. As a gaggle, they don’t agree on each concern.

Some of us vote Republican due to fiscal issues. Usually, that trumps issues they might have about social points. Others are much less within the fiscal place of the celebration. They vote they means they do due to faith. They imagine Republicans are the celebration of morality. Some merely need much less authorities. They imagine solely Republicans can clear up the issue of huge authorities. Republicans spend much less (besides on navy). They decrease taxes: some folks vote for that alone.

Nevertheless, the Republican Celebration does stand for sure issues. So I am answering with regard to the celebration as an entire. Name it a platform. Name them core beliefs. The overwhelming majority of Republicans adhere to sure concepts.

So what do Republicans imagine? Listed below are their primary tenets:

1. Authorities shouldn’t be the answer to home social issues.

That is fairly common amongst Republicans. Authorities shouldn’t be offering options to issues that confront folks (like well being points or paying payments). These issues must be solved by the folks themselves. A Republican would say that counting on the federal government to resolve issues is a crutch that makes folks lazy and really feel entitled to obtain issues with out working for them.

2. State management ought to trump federal management.

A Republican believes that decision-making must be as native as potential and if there’s one thing vital that wants fixing on a social stage, the state’s resolution ought to trump any federal selections. The federal authorities shouldn’t have management over state selections, typically talking.

3. The free market ought to management all monetary selections.

The free market is the proper decision-maker. There want be no interference out there as a result of in the end, the wants and wishes of producers and customers will resolve themselves accurately in an unregulated market.

4. Faith and the idea in God is significant to a robust nation.

Republicans are typically accepting solely of the Judeo-Christian perception system. For many Republicans, faith is totally very important of their political views and the 2 can’t be separated. Due to this fact, separation of church and state shouldn’t be that vital to them. The truth is, they imagine that a lot of what’s incorrect has been attributable to an excessive amount of secularism.

These are the 4 primary Republican tenets: small authorities, native management, the facility of free markets, and Christian authority. Beneath are different issues they imagine that derive from these 4 concepts.

5. Decrease taxes.

It doesn’t matter what the scenario, Republicans imagine in reducing taxes throughout the board, for each people and companies. So far as they’re involved, the more cash that stays within the arms of the non-public sector, the higher. They suppose folks and companies ought to have the ability to decide how and once they spend their cash.

6. A robust navy.

Republicans favor a robust navy . . . and utilizing that navy. Republicans are normally hawks the place Democrats are doves. The robust navy stance demonstrates how Republicans use the facility of the federal authorities, although they imagine {that a} robust navy spurs innovation and directs tax {dollars} as investments into companies they help.

7. Privatize every little thing.

Republicans usually tend to argue for the privatization of issues than Democrats, even going as far as to advocate for privatizing hearth departments and the police in some circumstances. This goes for Social Safety, healthcare, medicare, and nearly anything that is linked to the federal government in any means. It doesn’t matter what it’s, they suppose that non-public business can all the time do a greater job than authorities.

8. Homosexuals don’t deserve equal rights.

This comes from their non secular beliefs, which kind the idea for lots of coverage. Republicans imagine that homosexuality is a selection and, as such, homosexual folks shouldn’t be acknowledged in the identical means as different teams. Due to this fact, in line with a Republican, homosexuals shouldn’t be allowed to marry, nor ought to they be allowed to undertake youngsters.

9. Gun management violates the 2nd Modification.

Republicans help the place of the NRA and don’t imagine in gun management. They imagine in the best of all residents to personal weapons as detailed within the Structure.

10. Abortion is homicide.

Republicans are essentially in opposition to abortion and don’t help the concept that a lady ought to have the ability to select whether or not to finish a being pregnant irrespective of the rationale, although some Republicans make exceptions for rape and incest. Though Republicans imagine abortion is homicide and imagine Roe v. Wade must be overturned, they don’t normally clarify what punishment ought to befall those that get or give abortions ought to it turn into unlawful.

11. International warming shouldn’t be a factor.

Usually, Republicans query the conclusions scientists have come to relating to world warming. At greatest, they imagine that the consequences of world warming have been overstated and that regulating emissions shouldn’t be performed; at worst, they imagine world warming is a hoax.

12. Evolution shouldn’t be a official principle.

Republicans reject the idea of evolution and imagine in creationism, the concept that God created man the way in which he’s. They imagine creationism must be taught in public colleges.

13. America ought to deport unlawful immigrants.

Republicans imagine that unlawful immigrants, irrespective of the rationale they’re on this nation, must be forcibly faraway from the U.S. Though unlawful immigrants are sometimes motivated to come back to the U.S. by firms who rent them, Republicans typically imagine that the main target of the legislation must be on the unlawful immigrants and never on the firms that rent them.

14. Poverty should clear up itself.

Republicans imagine that poor persons are normally poor for a motive, be it laziness, selection or no matter. Until we demand that folks pull themselves up by the bootstraps and clear up their very own issues, folks won’t be motivated to do issues. Due to this fact, the difficulty of poverty can’t be solved by the federal government. Charity must be the selection of people.

15. Capital punishment is nice.

Republicans imagine within the loss of life penalty and help its use in circumstances the place violent crimes have been dedicated.

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Questions & Solutions

Query: Who’s the chief of the Republican Celebration?

Reply: Donald Trump.

Query: Why would not Donald Trump imagine in a lot of the typical Republican issues moreover immigration stances?

Reply: Donald Trump shouldn’t be a typical Republican.

Query: Who’s the the chief of the Inexperienced Celebration?

Reply: Jonathan Bartley and Sian Berry have been elected as new joint leaders of the Inexperienced Celebration.

Query: Why do folks need to eliminate weapons when it is in opposition to the second modification of the U.S. Structure?

Reply: Individuals in all probability need to eliminate weapons as a result of they’re so typically used to kill folks and so they suppose that can assist.

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dav2149 on January 30, 2020:

Re “… single political place ,,,most vital to Republicans” you overlooked an important: Adherence to the U.S. Structure and due to this fact the idea within the dignity, freedom and self-reliance of the person

dav2149 on January 30, 2020:

Re: the reply to the query “Why do folks need to eliminate weapons…”.is that some highly effective power-hungry elitists need to insure that the folks can be unable to withstand the tyranny that may very well be imposed on them by despots. The 2nd modification is sacred to our free republic. Sadly, some folks will abuse this proper, however it’s elementary to our freedom.

Eleanore Ferranti Whitaker from Previous Bridge, New Jersey on August 31, 2019:

I joined the Republican Celebration in 1966 solely as a result of my Mother insisted I needed to train my patriotic obligation to vote. Being a rebellious 60s Boomer and the actual fact she was a Democratic, when the clerk requested which celebration I needed to turn into registered with, I stated, “Republican” in defiance figuring out my Mother had non management over that.

However, by 2004, I started to appreciate that through the years my put up teen rebel was silly since I hardly ever voted Republican. I merely needed to face the truth that your entire Republican Celebration was what a Boomer lady loathed most, “Male Dominated.”

Each GOP assembly I ever attended was 95% males, ALL white I’d add and the few girls who did attend have been there as a result of they have been wives of the boys.

However, the actual motive for leaving was Cheney. I loathed the truth that Republicans had pulled off the most important rip-off since Reagan. They knew and so did half of CA that as governor Reagan was within the first phases of Alzheimers. They needed somebody within the WH who was controllable so the large cheeses of the GOP might run the nation into the bottom. And boy did they ever.

Reagan joined the Republican 2nd Time period Recession Membership in his 2nd time period inflicting GHWB to lose his 2nd time period whereas his one time period carried over the Reagan Republican Recession.

Cheney needed to be president since his Nixon days as Nixon’s chief adviser. However, when he needed to run in opposition to Clinton, the GOP feared that Cheney can be the identical type of authoritarian Nixon had been which pressured Nixon’s resignation to the utter shame of the GOP. They weren’t about to let that occur once more.

So Cheney masterminded a plan. He made a take care of Halliburton at hand them a no bid contract for conflict in Iraq which had not even been on the radar at the moment, in return for his being CEO of Halliburton and their donations to the 2000 Republican marketing campaign. So, in 1988, Cheney turned CEO. 2 years later the GOP allowed Cheney to be a again room president to GWB’s entrance man place. GWB had the identify. Cheney didn’t being from Wyoming.

With a view to be certain GWB received, Clinton needed to be scandalized and impeached to make room in 2000 for a Republican president.

This was solely one of many soiled scams the RNC and GOP play. When it got here all the way down to Trump, they really feel for his bribes, exaggerations and lies. Ask your self. How did the RNC or GOP miss the truth that Trump had already gotten a $10 million tremendous for cash laundering at his NJ casinos?

How did they miss these quite a few earlier enterprise scams for which his Trump Group had been fined or banned?

Now they personal the mess this nation is in due to permitting a world class grifter to do as he pleases on our tax {dollars}.

teamrn from Chicago on December 24, 2014:

Peter Lumetta, after all that isn’t what they actually suppose! That is the spin placed on issues to make you imagine that Republicans suppose this manner and that Republicans are on the ‘backside’ of all of the ills of this earth.

Then the premise of FOR THE PEOPLE of which you so extremely converse, do you are feeling that top taxes, excessive unemployment, are FOR THE PEOPLE gadgets? Do your OWN considering and do not regurgitate, like I am positive you will have by now-3 years later- another person’s INTERPRETATION of what the Republican platform is.

Why not learn the platform FOR YOURSELF and decide if YOU, Peter Lumetta agree with the platform. However, it is simpler to drink the pablum that another person has pre-digested for you, moderately than to do your individual homework.

Brad on December 23, 2014:

It would not matter what the republicans or the democrats imagine. It is just vital to know that they’ve reverse beliefs, and this has precipitated gridlock within the congress.

When a voter votes for his celebration’s candidate and so they lose, then these voters additionally misplaced their illustration for the workplace in congress as a result of the opposite celebration won’t advance the laws vital to the opposite celebration.

The democrats and republicans solely have moved the nation to the left and the best however not ahead. The loyal celebration voter wants to alter from religion of their celebration to voting for one of the best candidate no matter celebration.

crankalicious (writer) from Colorado on June 11, 2013:

Thanks for the feedback, teamrn. I do not imagine that the conclusions you’re drawing from the piece are literally declarative statements within the piece. The assertion about laziness and poverty, as an example, is not an all-encompassing, conclusive assertion. It is a part of an general assertion that claims that Republicans imagine persons are poor for a motive. Laziness is a kind of components, however will not be the one one or one in any respect. That is how that sentence is constructed. I imagine that drawing incorrect conclusions based mostly on misunderstandings is a significant issue.

teamrn from Chicago on June 10, 2013:

I simply noticed this properly written hub, however a couple of, inconstancies.

Republicans state that this can be a Christian nation. The place was that little tidbit obtained and what a part of Republican education did I miss, that I did not study that important FALSEHOOD? On the TRUTH-O-METER: FALSE.

Additionally, to start with of the hub, there may be lots of dialogue about variations within the Republican celebration; distinction with a typical perception is nice ( widespread perception: small authorities. The distinction lies in HOW we will get to that purpose).

I am unable to and will not and there is an excessive amount of proof that states that the Democratic celebration is not on homogeneous celebration of kum-bay-ah of us, although sufficient Dems AND Republicans vote strict celebration tickets. Individuals can do what they want. However, please, none we ALL love one-another within the Democratic Celebration and there is divisiveness within the Republican Celebration, so that they should be evil; evil incarnate!

“Counting on the federal government to resolve issues is a crutch that makes folks lazy and really feel entitled to obtain issues with out working for them.” The Republican celebration believes that that may (AND DOES) foster dependence the place it doesn’t should be.

They do not really feel that dependence=laziness. These are another person’s phrases. The dependence turns into a lifestyle, kind of like “my father labored in a mill and his father earlier than him and his father. We have all the time labored in a mill and anybody who thinks outdoors that field (of not working in a mill, is seemed upon otherwise, askance.”)

There’s not a Repulican alive who feels that each recipient of a social program is lazy. The place’s that FACT CHECK and TRUTH-O-METER? Republicans imagine that authorities serves a objective of GOVERNING, therefore the identify.

There are some Republicans who imagine that GOVERNMENT ought to solely govern. Different’s imagine that authorities ought to maintain individuals who cannot maintain themselves; just like the Medicare act of 1965 or SS act of 1938-9.

“Homosexuals don’t deserve equal rights ” This perception is shared by many. Not all Republicans, not all Democrats imagine this.

Peter Kimetta, it isn’t essential to imagine that WE’RE IN DEEP SHIT due to solely Republican ideology. The USA took it is eye’s off the prize: EVERYONE did and so they did not permit themselves to be guided each step of the way in which by the Structure. There is a motive that doc has survived since 1789 and has solely been amended a handful of occasions. No must progress (to what-keep up with the occasions) when we have now a guidebook that can present the spine of practically each scenario. If it would not, then we revise the Structure, BY AMENDMENT. Fairly dang exhausting to do.

“Unlawful Immigrants should be deported” Lord, might that be farther from the reality. As lately as John McCain, he was not for deporting grandma, whose life had been right here. She lived, married, had youngsters, had jobs, was unlawful. They acknowledge the implauseibility of rousing everybody up and the in compassion of so doing, and sending them packing. I do not know the place you get this swill; in all probability from the ‘grapevine.’ Marco Rubio involves thoughts.

So, so far as could of the ideas promoted by the hub (social packages lead to lazy folks and republicans hate gays). The Federal authorities has no enterprise in these areas, nor the humanities and I query schooling, both.

Powers have been granted, ALL THE POWERS THAT WERE NOT GRANTED TO THE FEDS have been granted to state, regional and native authorities. Our central authorities has no enterprise in my church, except FEDERAL legislation is being damaged or compromised. (like ADA).

“Republican management has proven they really imagine in a robust and strong authorities able to successfully controlling the selections of residents and non-citizens” HOW have they proven this?

crankalicious (writer) from Colorado on October 24, 2012:


I am unsure what a part of the article you take concern with, however what’s in there may be hardly controversial. In the event you’re arguing that it is incorrect, then be happy to supply information on the contrary. As I identified within the opening paragraph, it is seemingly not all Republicans imagine every little thing right here, however these ideas are actually what the Republican Celebration represents.

JD Farrell from Picayune, Mississippi/Tulsa OK on October 22, 2012:

you went slightly off the deep finish on that one. I Perceive why you imagine that (R) imagine that means. It could have one thing to do with Edward Bernays the daddy of propaganda. It seems to be like you’re getting all of your data from one place. In the event you have been spreading out the place you get your data from it would not be so sharp. Examine a few of my stuff out. I’m not one of the best author, however it gives you an concept of what a disabled conservative seems to be like. Good write although!

John-Rose from USA on October 18, 2012:

Nice hub! I do not really feel that these beliefs are from Republicans of yesteryear. They’re nonetheless held and liked by folks. I feel that the information media has moved thus far too the left that they’re distorting what folks suppose. As soon as once more nice hub. Voted up.


crankalicious (writer) from Colorado on October 10, 2012:

A few attention-grabbing hyperlinks from Republican leaders:



There are a lot extra I might put up, however I occurred to come back throughout each of those in the present day.

Ryan Meyers from Dunmore PA on October 10, 2012:

Though I’m not a Democrat, your breakdown has helped me perceive why I’ve been voting Democratic for a few years. I particularly love the “free market is the proper decision-maker”!

I suppose a half-decade has slipped your thoughts when assessing the perfection of free market. Don’t get me incorrect, an excessive amount of regulation is certainly no good however rules clearly weren’t robust sufficient to sway the banks from lending ridiculous quantities of cash to individuals who couldn’t afford to pay the cash again.

Then the banks, looking for extra perfection, packaged the mortgages as “assured” low-to-no danger investments.

It’s humorous the way you separate faith and serving to your fellow man. I’m fairly positive the bible is NOT in step with your sink or swim mentality. What you don’t perceive is loads of hardworking individuals who by no means took a handout of their lives are fully depending on “Authorities assist” for the primary time and imagine me; they don’t really feel comfy of their place!

That’s why these packages are important. There’ll all the time be folks making the most of each scenario. That doesn’t imply we should always eliminate them. It means we should always refine them and make it extraordinarily exhausting to take benefit.

The Judicial system is “Authorities assist” holding society so as however there are folks making the most of that too particularly the rich!

Some persons are born with out boot straps to “pull up”!

Republicans don’t perceive being poor now and being poor when their grandparents first got here to this nation are two completely various things. These days when you don’t have a robust schooling you will have NO probability of scaling the obstacles in entrance of a affluent life.

Some persons are born to circumstance. Do you suppose a younger African little one would scoff at an opportunity to be educated? By no means! They’d work their A off to earn an schooling! Do you imagine it’s the little one’s fault for not having the means to an finish?

That’s proper there are various folks within the good ol United States who’ve the identical drawback and all although I’m NOT a conservative Christian, I imagine God needs us who’ve the means to lend a serving to hand.

I don’t imagine that assist must be thought-about a hindrance and I can’t for the lifetime of me work out how a self-proclaimed tremendous Christian can probably flip their again on folks in want. That a part of the bible doesn’t want translating.

Nepotism and favoritism are rampant in my overwhelmingly Republican city, however who wants handouts from the Authorities when daddy can get you the job… proper!

Since simply, ethical Republicans don’t agree with smoking pot I’m guessing you don’t agree with the numerous States permitting the usage of medical marijuana.

If I’m appropriate with my evaluation we’ll must “chalk one up” for hypocrisy and solely permit the states to make selections which can be “good”, like banning homosexual marriage.

Don’t get me incorrect, I don’t perceive why Homosexual folks would need to get married within the conventional means however I fully perceive why they need to get the identical advantages. Possibly it’s as a result of I might NEVER be naïve sufficient to imagine they determined to be interested in the identical intercourse. I suppose the individuals who imagine this hogwash should have some fairly bizarre ideas working by way of their heads as a result of I don’t care what number of lovely lady stroll by me in my life, there isn’t a means in HELL, no pun supposed, I’d cease taking a look at that and begin lustfully taking a look at a bushy man-chest.

Arithmetic is common and “deciding” to be homosexual doesn’t add up. Religion shouldn’t be fully blind and positively not devoid of coronary heart.

It should NEVER really feel proper for me to ostracize a sect just because they’re completely different than me… should be the tolerance Jesus taught me and lest we neglect the Father would be the final Judger.

I’m not even addressing the International Warming factor. Oh yeah, it’s in all probability God damning us with the craziest climate in trendy time as a result of the gays are taking up.

Wow… it feels good to place the duty on God and never on us!

I hope I didn’t offend, I’m merely obsessed with humanity!!!

RavenBiker from Pittsburgh, PA. on October 10, 2012:

Howdy crankliscious!

I do not need to shoot the messanger, you, however I really feel lots of these factors are Republicans of yesteryear and never present. You had me suppose and think about another factors, nevertheless, and maybe will encourage me to write down a hub about it myself.


Chris Mills from Traverse Metropolis, MI on October 10, 2012:

Relating to the ballot, I’m tempted to say opposition to abortion, however that basically is not it. Republicans cease being anti abortion when they’re confronted with the subject of contraception for minors. That’s once they bounce ship and climb on board the “Abstinence or Bust.” They’re extra occupied with controlling sexual conduct than in lowering the variety of abortions.

crankalicious (writer) from Colorado on October 09, 2012:

And naturally I do not suppose Republicans as a gaggle help both the KKK or Nazis.

crankalicious (writer) from Colorado on October 09, 2012:

No matter conclusions you will have come to are the results of excessive extrapolation. A lot of what I’ve written is within the celebration platform. The faith stuff is usually the results of the hyperbole utilized by Republican standard-bearers. Does it apply to all Republicans? In fact not. That is why it is a generalization. However typically, that is what lots of Republicans imagine and what the Republican Celebration stands for. Usually, when you’re a Republican, you help the Republican Celebration and its platform both instantly or not directly.

xpydder on October 09, 2012:

I’d additionally like so as to add this from Wikipedia rerading Reagan:

On February 25, 1984, in his [Reagan] weekly radio tackle, he stated, “Generally I am unable to assist however really feel the primary modification is being turned on its head. As a result of ask yourselves: Can it actually be true that the primary modification can allow Nazis and Ku Klux Klansmen to march on public property, advocate the extermination of individuals of the Jewish religion and the subjugation of blacks, whereas the identical modification forbids our youngsters from saying a prayer in class?”[47]

Nevertheless, President Reagan didn’t pursue a Constitutional modification requiring faculty prayer in public colleges.[48]

This counters your notion of republicans drastically as I assume you imagine that the majority republicans can be in help of the KKK and the natzis.

xpydder on October 09, 2012:

I Googled this and located this as one of many first hits. It appears very factual.


I feel it’s an error to accuse your entire republican celebration of considering that that individuals who do not need the identical beliefs as them will go to hell. I additionally suppose that there’s means an excessive amount of concern and loathing based mostly on mis-represented statements by each events. And that is my level. I feel it’s unhappy that each time somebody says they’re a republican you instantly assume that they suppose you need to burn in hell. That’s simply absurd.

crankalicious (writer) from Colorado on October 09, 2012:


Republicans state again and again that this can be a Christian nation. Whereas that isn’t of their platform, that is typically the angle they appear to have. Republicans are inclined to favor legal guidelines that break the separation of Church and State, like prayer in public colleges (sanctioned prayer, not voluntary, which is completely authorized). Nevertheless, I wrote that they’re typically accepting solely of the Judeo-Christian perception system, which is true. I didn’t say they’re illiberal of different religions essentially, although it’s true that a part of that perception system essentially implies that those that don’t settle for Jesus Christ as their lord and savior are going to hell.

xpydder on October 09, 2012:

So that you imagine that intolerance to non-christians is said and documented within the republican platform? So you’re principally accusing the republicans of wanting a Theocracy and also you imagine that this intention is of their platform? And that that is how they plan to get votes? And also you imagine that the individuals who vote for republicans need a Theocracy as a result of they dislike individuals who don’t share their non secular beliefs? Wow! So what you’re telling folks is that republicans don’t like anybody who’s Buddhist or Hindu or Taoist? So are you going to accuse the republicans of being nazis additionally? It’s possible you’ll as properly drive your level residence as that is clearly the following logical conclusion to your premise.

crankalicious (writer) from Colorado on October 07, 2012:


Undecided what you are speaking about when it comes to hatred, however a lot of the stuff I level out about Republicans are within the celebration platform in a method or one other.

xpydder on October 05, 2012:


In the event you actually imagine this stuff and really feel a lot anger and hatred for different folks maybe you need to cease listening to Rush Limbaugh and Chris Mathews, flip off the TV and laptop, and stroll outdoors and shake arms along with your neighbors. You really want to get out extra. There are nice folks throughout this nice nation. It’s dangerous sufficient that we’re misunderstood and hated by folks in different nations who’re lied to by their dictators as a result of they hope to destroy our us and our freedoms – It’s completely tragic that we have now folks on this nation attempting to divide us for political acquire utilizing the identical dreadful ways.

crankalicious (writer) from Colorado on October 05, 2012:


if you’re a Republican and extra Republicans have been such as you, the world can be a greater place.

xpydder on October 05, 2012:

Most of this confuses republicans and conservatives, which aren’t essentially the identical. after roe vs wade many democrats crossed celebration strains and this was a obligatory political stunt by the republicans as a result of they clearly want the votes.

I disagree with most of what’s being stated right here and I don’t suppose that republicans are very difficult. You may scrap most of what’s stated right here as a result of it’s absurd. You may sum up what the republicans imagine in a short time in a few sentences. No 1) republicans imagine that the financial system is vital and that the trail to a robust financial system is to reward those that do properly and don’t reward those that do nothing. republicans don’t imagine in wealth distribution. republicans additionally don’t imagine in excessive taxes as a result of they don’t need to maintain giving increasingly more cash to what they imagine to be a non-working and non-functioning authorities. republicans would moderately determine how the cash they offer away is spent.

Democracy is vital to republicans and that is the rationale why every faith and atheists (no cults) is vital. Republicans completely imagine in and cherish separation of church and state as a result of they imagine in non secular freedom. The complete motive our founding fathers got here right here is as a result of they have been escaping non secular persecution. You can not have a democracy if persons are not free to imagine what they need to imagine. The very first thing dictators do is both eliminate faith altogether and make it unlawful or create a Theocracy. The place precisely do you get that republicans solely need christianity and reject all else? It is a actually derogatory stereotype of republicans that’s designed to make them appear inhuman and evil and both you will have been tricked into believing this or you are trying to trick others.

The talk relating to International Warming shouldn’t be whether or not or not it’s actual it’s to what diploma it’s synthetic. That is the place the scientific debate resides and continues. Al Gore’s film made a lot of the science look suspicious as a result of it was so exaggerated. Had he caught to the information this debate may already be over. Each scientist is aware of International Warming is actual it’s the information and research which can be being questioned.

Your level about evolution is basically nonsensical. Do you actually imagine that an individual who doesn’t imagine in massive authorities should due to this fact additionally not imagine within the evolution that we’re all taught in elementary faculty?

I can go on about many of those different factors, however what’s the use. In the event you imagine that republicans hate different religions outdoors of christianity, hate homosexual folks and hate the atmosphere. That is the kind of propaganda that’s dividing our nation. It’s meant to make democrats imagine that each one republicans are evil and hateful.

I feel you forgot to say one thing about how republicans hate black folks as that is one other common diatribe by propagandists.

The Republican from USA on June 26, 2012:

The ‘reducing taxes’ caught my eye. I wrote a article about taxes on the rich, might you please learn it?


-The Republican

Hamdog on January 22, 2012:

Republicans (conservatives) worship conformity mixed with the idea of robust “management.” or “A” chief. Rush Limbaugh’s “dittoheads” come to thoughts. Rush’s “dittoheads” view announcing themselves to be so, a badge of honor, moderately than an admission that they typically lack the flexibility to turn into absolutely fulfilled, free people. To discuss with myself as a “dittohead” can be demeaning and in opposition to my nature. My nature is to suppose freely, and to not succumb to the need of any particular person or group. Individuals left of heart view conservatives on this gentle. It is troublesome to respect somebody who lacks the easy capability to remember how unhappy and pathetic they are surely as a conformist and follower – a sheep.. Conservatives maintain their sheep in line by way of admonishment for “dangerous” considering. Strive that with somebody left of heart and you will get nothing again however contempt. Admonishment by a “group” is a vacant idea to folks like me. I noticed what group conformity in follow can do throughout my navy service. It’s obligatory for a preventing power, however not for a free society. Conservatives are paternalistic and dictate from the highest down. Individuals on the backside are fearful that if they don’t conform, they are going to be ousted from the group, and left to fend for themselves.

American Romance from America on December 14, 2011:

No Peter, we’re in deep shit due to folks such as you! The conservatives constructed one thing nice and now your sort need it destroyed and imagine one way or the other issues will get higher! We need to take our nation again to the goodness and the willingness it had that introduced it to greatness!

After I was younger I keep in mind dad and mom bragging on their youngsters achievements, now I ponder what they are saying about little timmy or suzy down on the OWStreet camps bitching to get at others exhausting work and sacrifice!

By the way in which Peter I obtained your quantity, I’ve been enthusiastic about why you do not reside on this nation and imagine I’ve it discovered.

American Romance from America on December 14, 2011:

Properly you hit most of them on the top! ……..and for the file Decemeber the seventh one of many prime canine over the nationwide climate heart stated they went again and studied 20 years of climate patterns and hurrican predictions solely to seek out out their predictions and laptop patterns meant nothing and had zero optimistic impact on predicting climate! Now if that is true and hurricanes are a direct results of world warming them which means hurricanes can’t be predicted solely weeks or months forward of time!……nonetheless with me? Okay then how within the hell can anybody predict climate 50 years from now!………….we do not imagine world warming exist……..for a motive!

PETER LUMETTA from KENAI, ALAKSA on September 25, 2011:

Jon I’m actually getting bored with that very same outdated chorus of yours, “Democrats had 2/3 management of our authorities since Jan2007 blah, blah, blah,”. And since when is the “for the Individuals” not deocratic ? And in line with your rationale Conservatives aren’t for the folks? If I am not Mistaken would not the Declaration of Independence begin out “We the Individuals”? So your are admitting that you’re not gor the Individuals your in your celebration line first so long as the folks do not get in the way in which. Had been you standing cheering when the parents within the viewers have been yelling “let him die!” on the Republican debate final week? I you’re a Social Darwinist simply admit, I admit I’m a liberal not a conservative. Simply tellus what your attempting to say in plain english Jon and cease spouting the celebration line.


JON EWALL from usa on September 25, 2011:


stated ”basic they’ve omitted the primary concern of presidency, “for the Individuals”. If they’d that as a premise I thinke issues would have come out completely different.”

Out of your remark, it seems that you help a progressive sort of presidency moderately than a democratic or conservative authorities.?

‘’These are a few of the causes we’re in deep shit and so they nonetheless need to go additional?


Take observe that Democrats have had 2/3’s management of our authorities since Jan. 2007 -2011.Previous to 2007, Republicans had 100% management of the federal government. In Jan. 2009, the Democrats had 100% management of the federal government beneath the management of President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Majority Chief Senator Reid.

Certainly one ideology has been higher than the opposite? To be truthful, it’s a proven fact that the Democrats have had 2/3’s management of the federal government since 2007 -2011. In Congress in the present day, the progressive caucus members have been challenged by the tea celebration members as to how Congress can be voting on laws.

crankalicious (writer) from Colorado on September 24, 2011:


I really like your response and everyone ought to learn it as a result of I imagine you make plenty of good factors.

I’ll simply say that I’d use “they” if/once I write the identical article about Democrats.

I made some small adjustments within the hub to focus a bit extra, however do imagine that the positions I’ve said are held by the vast majority of Republicans. You don’t sound like the everyday Republican.

Anarchos from Texas on September 24, 2011:

I’ve to query your authority to declare what Republicans imagine. Since you utilize “they” moderately than “we” I have to assume you aren’t a Republican and, due to this fact, at greatest have solely an out of doors perspective on their beliefs and at worst are figuring out these beliefs from a place of opposition to them.

(I’m little higher certified as I’m a grudging Republican at greatest and am pressured into the celebration just because solely the Republicans and Democrats have actual affect and my concepts don’t have any place within the Democratic Celebration)

As for the substance, I see little proof that Republicans imagine “Authorities shouldn’t be the answer to our issues”. It’s the said place of many Republicans in management positions that the US Federal authorities ought to violently impose its will on the world. Defending “American pursuits” and spreading “American values” as these issues are outlined by Republican management.

Moreover, they imagine the federal government (whether or not state or Federal) ought to outline one thing as intimate as marriage, in lots of circumstances dictating sexual practices between consenting adults (anti-sodomy legal guidelines). Additionally they strongly imagine in regulating the practices of people in lots of non-public areas of their lives (drug coverage springs to thoughts).

Republicans wholeheartedly supported the creation of the Homeland Safety Division and TSA. They supported TARP and the varied schemes to extend residence “possession”. They supported the growth of Medicare and innumerable “bridges-to-nowhere”. They’ve supported a myriad of subsidies and commerce restrictions designed to prop up sure sectors of the financial system irrespective of the way it harms others (metal and ethanol in all probability prime the listing). Their largest argument in opposition to Obamacare was that it might threaten different types of authorities sponsored healthcare.

Regardless of their rhetoric Republican management has proven they really imagine in a robust and strong authorities able to successfully controlling the selections of residents and non-citizens. In a position to venture American energy (actually their energy) throughout the globe.

True, a couple of who actually do imagine in limiting the scope and energy of presidency breakthrough from time-to-time (some parts of the Tea Celebration have hastened this) however they’re nonetheless the insurgency not the bulk.

I want you have been proper about a lot of the above however you aren’t so far as the management is anxious. I do benefit from the Hub although and I your perspective on our solely various to Democrats.

James A Watkins from Chicago on September 23, 2011:

Sure, there may be a lot reality in your descriptions of the worldview of Conservative individuals. I’d add that such individuals are solely “Republicans” by default.

You’re proper that conservative folks understand that authorities entitlements shatter the household unit and make for increasingly more dependents upon the federal government teet.

You’re appropriate that Conseratives imagine within the Declaration of Indepedence idea that our particular person rights come from God and never from the the State.

You’re proper that Conservatives imagine that States have the rights accorded by the Tenth Modification to regulate their very own affairs which aren’t specically enumerated within the Structure.

You’re appropriate in assuming that Conservatives accurately perceive that each one prosperity that mankind has gained within the final tons of of years has been due to Free Enterprise.

You’re proper in your proposition that any authorities shouldn’t tax its folks greater than ten % of its wages. In any case, even God Himself by no means demanded something extra.

You’re appropriate that the non-public sector has confirmed past a shadow of a doubt that solely it produces prosperity in any society on earth.

You’re proper to appreciate that ONLY the free market has ever lifted mankind above day by day drudgery.

You’re incorrect that Conservatives imagine in denying “equal rights” to individuals who take pleasure in gay behaviors.

You’re proper to imagine that to Conservative folks killing your infants is all the time dangerous.

PETER LUMETTA from KENAI, ALAKSA on September 23, 2011:

Scary! Is that this what they actually suppose? Someplace again in time somebody actually obtained it blended up. These are a few of the causes we’re in deep shit and so they nonetheless need to go additional? There are a couple of (only a few) good factors however normally they’ve omitted the primary concern of presidency, “for the Individuals”. If they’d that as a premise I thinke issues would have come out completely different.


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